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GOLD RATE : 22K - 6652 | 18K - 5526 | 14K - 4200

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Suvarna Savings Scheme

Introducing Suvarna Saving Plan : Secure Your Future with Precious Metals

Welcome to our exclusive Suvarna Saving Plan , a revolutionary investment opportunity that brings you the stability and growth potential of precious metals. Designed to cater to investors of all backgrounds, our Suvarna Saving Plan Plan offers a seamless and systematic approach to building wealth and safeguarding your financial future.

Why Choose Suvarna Saving Plan ?

Choosing the Gold Suvarna Saving Plan by Sonalia Jewellers is a strategic and rewarding decision for several compelling reasons:

Affordable Monthly Contributions:
The Gold Suvarna Saving Plan allows you to plan your jewellery purchase with manageable monthly contributions. This ensures that you can save towards your dream piece without straining your budget.

Flexible Duration:
Tailor the savings plan to suit your timeline and goals. Whether you opt for the 6-month Suvarna Jyoti Saving plan or the 11-month Suvarna Ujjwal Saving plan, you have the flexibility to choose a duration that aligns with your preferences and financial capabilities.

Generous Contribution from Sonalia Jewellers:
One of the standout features of the Gold Suvarna Saving Plan is the contribution from Sonalia Jewellers. For the Suvarna Jyoti Saving plan, the jewellers contribute 50% of the first installment, while for the Suvarna Ujjwal Saving plan, they contribute a generous 100% of the first installment. This boost accelerates the growth of your savings, bringing you closer to your dream purchase.

Redeemable at Sonalia Jewellers Showroom:
The accumulated savings are redeemable at any Sonalia Jewellers showroom. This convenience allows you to seamlessly transition from saving to shopping, providing a hassle-free experience when it's time to choose and purchase your preferred Gold, Diamond, or Bridal Jewellery.

Perfect for Special Occasions:
The Gold Suvarna Saving Plan is an ideal choice for those planning to make a significant jewellery purchase for special occasions such as weddings, Akshaya Tritiya, or Dhanteras. It helps you save systematically, ensuring you're ready to celebrate those moments with exquisite jewellery.

Trusted and Reputable Brand:
Sonalia Jewellers, with its legacy of excellence since 1985, is a trusted and reputable brand. Choosing the Gold Suvarna Saving Plan means aligning your savings journey with a brand known for its commitment to quality, purity, and customer satisfaction.
In summary, the Gold Suvarna Saving Plan combines affordability, flexibility, and the backing of a reputable brand to make your dream jewellery purchase a reality. Start your savings journey with Sonalia Jewellers and let the Gold Suvarna Saving Plan bring you closer to timeless elegance.

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Introducing the Suvarna Saving Plan by Sonalia Jewellers – your key to turning dreams into reality with a stunning selection of Gold, Diamond, and Bridal Jewellery. Whether it's for a wedding, Akshaya Tritiya, or Dhanteras, our Suvarna Saving Plan is designed to help you plan your purchase and bring your vision to life.

Suvarna Jyoti Saving Plan - 6 Month Jewellery Purchase Plan:

Embark on a 6-month journey towards your dream jewellery with Sonalia Jewellers. Choose your preferred amount to contribute monthly, and watch as your savings grow. What sets Suvarna Jyoti apart is our commitment – Sonalia Jewellers will generously contribute 50% of your first installment. After 6 months, redeem the accumulated amount at any Sonalia Jewellers showroom and indulge in the joy of purchasing your favorite jewellery.


Suvarna Ujjwal Saving Plan - 11 Month Jewellery Purchase Plan:

For those with a longer-term vision, our Suvarna Ujjwal Saving Plan offers an 11-month journey to your dream jewellery. Choose your monthly contribution, and here's the game-changer – Sonalia Jewellers will contribute 100% of your first installment! After diligently saving for 11 months, redeem the accumulated amount at any Sonalia Jewellers showroom. The reward? The freedom to choose and purchase your favorite jewellery with the accumulated savings.

At Sonalia Jewellers, we believe in the power of small steps leading to significant achievements. Our Suvarna Saving Plan is a testament to this philosophy – many drops fill the ocean. Start your journey with us, and let the Suvarna Saving Plan pave the way to the jewellery you've always desired.

Visit any Sonalia Jewellers showroom, pick your plan, and witness your dream jewellery becoming a reality. Your journey towards timeless elegance begins with Suvarna Saving Plan – because every dream deserves to shine brightly.

Terms & Conditions

  1. There are two jewellery purchase schemes, Suvarna Jyoti for 6 months & Suvarna Ujjawal for 11 months.

  2. All schemes are only value deposit with equal installment amount. No gold booking at the time of paying installment.

  3. Gold rate applicable on the day of sale invoice.

  4. Minimum enrollment amount is 2000/- and multiple of 500/- thereafter.

  5. Installment can be paid or redeemed at Sonalia Jewellers by registering into " Sonalia" app. NACH facility is also available.

  6. Customer must maintain the same installment amount throughout the scheme.

  7. Customer is entitled to get 50% bonus of 1st installment with ongoing offer, if any, subject to successful completion of the Suvarana Jyoti scheme without any delay payment.

  8. Customer cannot buy GOLD COIN/SILVER COIN on redemption of the account.

  9. Multiple accounts cannot be clubbed into one invoice at the time of redemption of account.

  10. Customer must redeem the account within 60 days from the date of maturity.

  11. Payment of instalments after due dates will be considered as a default, for that month and the eligible discount would be reduced proportionately.

  12. No benefit in any form shall be provided for scheme where the scheme has been operated for less than 6 months or less than 6 instalments have been paid to Sonalia Jewellers.

  13. If the redemption is requested before the maturity of the scheme, "11 months scheme" will be eligible for discount under "6 months scheme" provided T&C of 6 months scheme have been complied.

  14. Dispute if any will be subject to courts in Kolkata jurisdiction only, to the exclusion of any other court's jurisdiction.

1.Visit a Sonalia Jewellers Showroom or Mobile Application

Start your journey by visiting any Sonalia Jewellers showroom or Mobile Application Andriod or iOS Application Speak to our knowledgeable and friendly staff who will guide you through the process and help you choose the Suvarna Saving Plan that best suits your preferences.

2.Choose Your Plan

Sonalia Jewellers offers two Suvarna Saving Plans: Suvarna Jyoti Saving Plan (6-month plan): Choose your preferred monthly contribution amount. Sonalia Jewellers will contribute 50% of your first instalment. Suvarna Ujjwal Saving Plan (11-month plan): Select your monthly contribution, and Sonalia Jewellers will contribute 100% of your first instalment.

3.Make Monthly Contributions

Commit to making monthly contributions according to the plan you've selected. These contributions go towards building your savings for the desired jewellery purchase.

4. Accumulate Savings

Watch as your savings accumulate over the chosen duration of either 6 or 11 months. The Suvarna Saving Plan provides a systematic and structured approach to help you reach your savings goal.

How it Works?

5. Sonalia Jewellers' Contribution

Benefit from the generous contribution by Sonalia Jewellers. Whether it's 50% or 100% of the first instalment, this additional contribution accelerates the growth of your savings.

6. Redeem Your Savings

After completing the selected duration (6 or 11 months), visit any Sonalia Jewellers showroom to redeem your accumulated savings. Your savings can then be used to purchase your favourite Gold, Diamond, or Bridal Jewellery from our exquisite collections.

7. Choose Your Dream Jewellery

Explore the diverse range of designs at Sonalia Jewellers and choose the jewellery piece that resonates with your style and preferences. With your accumulated savings, you can celebrate special occasions or fulfil your dreams with a stunning piece of jewellery.

8. Enjoy Your Purchase

Explore the diverse range of designs at Sonalia Jewellers and choose the jewellery piece that resonates with your style and preferences. With your accumulated savings, you can celebrate special occasions or fulfil your dreams with a stunning piece of jewellery.

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